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The Healthcare Values Partnership is led by Professor Joshua Hordern of the University of Oxford who collaborates with a range of colleagues in Oxford and elsewhere. As we explore the values which shape healthcare today, the ethos of the partnership is to develop working relationships between patients, researchers, healthcare practitioners, managers and policy makers. We welcome new conversations and partners who share this focus.

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In seeking the public good, the Healthcare Values Partnership:

  • serves patients and those working in healthcare through high quality research and public engagement;
  • unites and promotes research and policy initiatives across the University of Oxford and other academic institutions, individuals, and organisations;
  • collaborates with non-academic healthcare organisations to enable mutual learning about values in healthcare;
  • identifies points of engagement in which the partnership can make a practical contribution;
  • organises seminars, conferences, and other events to consult and gather expertise and publish material in accessible and academic formats.



The Healthcare Values Partnership is led by Dr Joshua Hordern, Associate Professor of Christian Ethics at the University of Oxford's Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Dr Joshua Hordern is a Fellow of Harris Manchester College which has a high concentration of healthcare experts and practitioners, including Dr Andrew Papanikitas who is a Research Fellow at the College.


The Partnership was initiated by Dr Joshua Hordern and Dr Andrew Papanikitas after an event led by Dr Papanikitas at the Royal Society of Medicine. This event, organised by the Human Values in Healthcare Forum, focussed on Compassion in Healthcare. Our first collaboration was a Knowledge Exchange project entitled 'Compassion in Healthcare' and funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England via the Higher Education Innovation Fund, and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).

The partnership has received funding from the British Academy, the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, the Wellcome Trust, the Arts and Humanities Research Counciland the Higher Education Innovation Fund. Louie Fooks started work with OHVP in September 2018 as Humanities and Healthcare Policy Officer.



The Healthcare Values Partnership enjoys the support of the Faculty of Theology and Religion and Harris Manchester College at the University of Oxford. It was launched initially by The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities.

It now benefits from the support of the British Academy, the Sir Halley Stewart Trust, the Wellcome Trust, the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and the Higher Education Innovation Fund.